SOS Gin + Tonic

The SOS Gin + Tonic is not your average G&T.

The only way to improve on everyone’s favourite classic? Rev it up with clean, caffeinated cold brew.


  • 1 oz gin, floral eg. Wallflower, Bombay
  • 0.5 oz lime syrup*
  • 1 oz tonic
  • 2 oz SOS Cold Brew Classic
  • 2 rosemary sprigs


Add gin, lime syrup and tonic into a highball. In a separate glass, stir the SOS with ice and rosemary sprig. Add ice to the highball and layer rosemary infused SOS.

*2:1 maple syrup to fresh lime juice combined over low heat.


Todd Zimmerman, bartender at YEW Restaurant at The Four Seasons Vancouver takes 1st place and scores the winning $800 cash prize with his dessert cocktail “Takes the Cake”.
The battle is ON at Big Rock Urban Brewery for the reigning title of CASK MASTER!

In an effort to overthrow current champions Callister Brewing Co., we’ve joined forces with Big Rock Brewery to make craft brewing magic.
Good things happen when you combine Whiskey and Cold Brew….

In partnership with our good pal and brilliant cocktail mastermind Justin Taylor, we’re serving up one of our favourite classics with a classy twist!